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Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America offers a variety of diagnostic and treatment services for back pain and spinal disorders. Our goal is to relieve back pain faster and safer at a decreased cost compared to traditional spine surgery. 


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SSHA has extensive experience in performing Endoscopic Discectomies. We will evaluate your back condition and symptoms and determine which minimally invasive approach is best for you.

Our focus is to provide you with an exceptional surgical care experience. Our staff will assist you at every stage of the process from preoperative testing to discharge. The clinical staffs in the operating room, recovery, and inpatient units are highly trained clinicians who will provide you and your family with immediate bedside care and education you need to meet your short and long-term recovery goals. This patient-centered approach will result in shortened recovery time, reduced pain, and allow a quicker return to your daily routine.

Our patient satisfaction is consistently higher than national, state, and averages of hospitals located in and around the Houston area. Additionally, we are conveniently located offering easy access and hassle-free parking.


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More current news from backsurgeryhouston.comAn Orthopedic Houston TX Surgeon Can Relieve Your Back Pain

[Posted on June 25]

Chronic lower back pain can be a very disruptive influence in your day to day activities and routines. A surgeon who is an Orthopedic in Houston TX can be of great service to you if you find yourself in the position of suffering with a lower back pain ailment. At Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America we understand what you are going through. Our surgeon and staff have the practical knowledge and experience to treat your disorder in a safe and effective manner. We can identify the exact cause of your problem and then recommend treatment to manage or eliminate it altogether. Read more about Orthopedic Houston TX »

Call Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America for an Endoscopic Discectomy

More on Endoscopic DiscectomyDo you suffer from lower back pain? If so, then you may want to consider an endoscopic discectomy. With this procedure, you are able to repair discs in your lower back without going through painful and expensive back surgery.

Performed on an outpatient procedure and with few incisions, this minimally invasive spine surgery offers relief from your back pain without the burden of a full back surgical procedure.

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For Laser Spine Surgery Houston, Contact Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America

More on Laser Spine Surgery HoustonOne of the most effective methods of treating back pain and other back problems is to have laser spine surgery Houston performed. With a procedure like this, you can have bone spurs removed, bulging discs repaired and herniated discs repaired with a simple outpatient procedure.

And with local anesthetic, your body will go through less stress throughout the process. The laser option will be used with the endoscopic spine surgery Houston, eliminating the need for open back surgery.

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Find the Right Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Texas at Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America

More on Orthopedic Spine Surgeon TexasWhen you are ready to have surgery on your spine, you need to find the best orthopedic spine surgeon Texas that you can get. With Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America, you can find your best option in Houston.

As experts of advanced orthopedics Houston, SSHA provides you with a doctor that can relieve your back pain without pushing you through expensive and painful back surgeries. With options that are minimally invasive, you can find relief without a long recovery.

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Contact Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

More on Minimally Invasive Spine SurgeryOne of the biggest problems associated with surgery is its invasiveness. Back surgery in particular has a reputation for being very painful, and the recovery time is long.

But instead of spending a lot of time recovering and taking lots of pain medications, Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America offers minimally invasive spine surgery for those looking for an alternative. With laser spine surgery Houston from SSHA, you can fix your problematic back without needing to recover for weeks at a time.

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Learn about common orthopaedic conditions and procedures in our interactive patient education area. View narrated animations and print out informational brochures. View Patient Education »

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