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Endoscopic Discectomy

Interested in an Endoscopic Discectomy? Call Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America

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Call Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America for an Endoscopic Discectomy

If you are dealing with lower back pain, there could be a variety of reasons for it. Whether you are dealing with a bulged disc in your back, a herniated disc, or even a condition like radiculitis, you could benefit from a procedure known as an endoscopic discectomy. With an endoscopic discectomy, you can be relieved of that excruciating back pain without sacrificing a lot of recovery time with invasive back surgery.



Endoscopic Discectomy available at BackSurgeryHouston.comHere is how an endoscopic discectomy works: your spine team will insert a small tube into your lower back, guided by an x-ray fluoroscopy. Using this tube, the orthopedic in Houston is able to insert the surgical tools into your lower back without tearing or cutting your back muscles (a procedure known as an open discectomy). Using an endoscope, the problematic disc is found. Then, a grasper is used to pull out the affected piece of the herniated disc. If the problem is a disc bulge or an annular tear, then laser spine surgery Houston can be performed, vaporizing disc material, killing pain nerves, and hardening the disc to prevent disc material from leaking to other nerves in your back. Once this procedure is done, the tube is removed and the small incision is stitched.

The benefits of an endoscopic discectomy are plentiful. Because it is minimally-invasive, there is a very short recovery time compared to other back surgery procedures. It can be done as an outpatient procedure with local anesthesia, so your body does not go through as much stress as a traditional surgery. Add to that the minimal blood loss through the very small incision, and you have a procedure that offers a lot of benefits while minimizing risk and discomfort.

If you are interested in relieving your back pain with an endoscopic discectomy, contact Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America. Our team is experienced in treating back pain and spinal disorders. By offering alternative means of back pain relief apart from invasive back surgery, we are able to keep your treatment costs under control, and your recovery time is minimal. For more information, contact us today. Our team will be able to answer any questions you might have, and we can assist you through every step of the process.


Endoscopic Discectomy Is A Procedure To Repair Herniated Or Bulged Discs

[Posted on May 14]

An endoscopic discectomy is a procedure that orthopedic surgeons use to repair herniated or bulged discs in the back. It is called a microsurgery and it is an advanced technology that is used to great affect in rectifying spinal disorders. At Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America our surgeon is highly skilled at this procedure and our patients are routinely freed from chronic lower back pain with this procedure. It is minimally invasive which means there are a host of associated benefits including minimal scarring, minimal bleeding, minimal trauma to the back and a significantly reduced recovery time, especially when compared to conventional back surgery done under a general anesthetic using a scalpel.

Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America is at the forefront of Houston spinal care. Our state of the art facility was designed to provide the very best in surgical options. We are patient focused and committed to exemplary care and treatment. We strive to make our patients as comfortable as possible in a relaxing environment. Our staff provides personal attention to our patients through every aspect of treatment from diagnosis right through recovery. The personnel in the operating room, recovery, and inpatient units are highly trained clinicians who will help you meet your short and long-term recovery goals.

The reason that Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America is a preeminent Texas Orthopedics Surgery Center is because of our skill level, knowledge, and training, and the fact that we make use of advanced medical techniques like the endoscopic discectomy procedure to the advantage of our patients. Our patient satisfaction is reliably higher than the averages of national, state, and hospitals located in and around the greater Houston area.

If you are suffering from a bulged disc or other spinal disorder you might be a candidate for an endoscopic discectomy. Contact Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America today. We will be happy to schedule an appointment for a consultation with our surgeon. We are dedicated to helping our patients discover a life free from chronic back pain. If you would like more information about our clinic, and the treatments we offer, please read through our web site.


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