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Houston Spinal Care

Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America Offers Great Houston Spinal Care

  • Relief from Chronic Back Pain
  • Shorter Recovery Periods
  • Smaller Incisions
  • Experienced Orthopedic Professionals

Find Quality Houston Spinal Care at Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America

A back injury or chronic back pain can be debilitating for many people. So much of your daily activity uses back muscles – particularly the ones in your lower back. With this pain, even routine tasks are difficult to complete. But back surgery can be expensive, and it can take a long time to recover from such an invasive surgery. Fortunately, Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America has another option for you. With advanced Houston spinal care from their doctors, you are able to finally have the relief you have been waiting for without the long recovery time.



Houston spinal care experts are available at BackSurgeryHouston.comOne reason why Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America offers the best Houston spinal care is due to the minimally invasive spine surgery options that are available. With our team of doctors, you do not need to tear or cut the back muscles in order to correct herniated and bulged discs. Instead, you can have laser spine surgery Houston that will correct the issue for you without forcing you into a long recovery from torn or cut back muscle tissue. With this Houston spinal care option, a small tube is inserted into your back, which will move the back muscles out of the way. This tube is then used to insert a camera into your back and locate the area that needs the operation. That same tube can also be used to perform laser surgery on the disc that needs the operation. By performing the surgery in this manner, our spine team Texas is able to resolve your problem without making a lot of unnecessary incisions. As a result, you lose less blood, the operation can be performed with minimum anesthesia and you do not have to take so long to recover. In short, this option for Houston spinal care is easier on your body, and the results speak for themselves.

When you need relief from that back pain, Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America should be your first source of Houston spinal care. Let our team diagnose your issue and correct it for you, so that you do not resolve yourself to a life of discomfort and pain.


Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America Houston Spinal Care

[Posted on Feb 20]

Chronic back pain can be an enormously intrusive and distracting aspect of life. It is essentially the kind of pain that you experience every day and there is very little relief outside of consulting a physician. At Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America, we focus on Houston spinal care, and the treatment of spinal disorders. We serve the greater Houston area and we have a reputation as being some of the foremost surgeons in our field. We provide treatment in relaxed surroundings, fostering a comfortable and stress free experience. You have no reason at all for postponing getting relief from your pain. You need to come see us and let us rid you of that unpleasant, constant back pain.

At Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America we specialize in orthopedics in Houston care and treatment. We employ the most up-to-date and advanced medical procedures available. Our laser surgeries require minimal incisions, which result in very little scarring and bleeding. The recovery time is much shorter than conventional back surgery, so you will be back to your daily routine in short order.

When it comes to Houston spinal care, our surgeons, staff, and facilities are unequaled in the Houston area. Our status for achieving exceptional results has led to our reputation for providing trusted, reliable care. We practice advanced orthopedics in Houston and we are committed to helping our patients overcome their debilitating spinal issues. It is our goal to have them back to a normal life, free from back pain. Our minimally invasive rehabilitating surgeries are typically done as outpatient, so our patients can get back to their life and routines in a very short time.

If you feel you could benefit from a doctor specializing in Houston spinal care or you have any questions about our treatments and procedures, please do not hesitate to call us. We will be happy to answer your questions or make an appointment for you to have an initial consultation. It is of primary concern to us that you receive the very best care available. We provide cost effective treatments that can aid you in living free from back pain.


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