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Orthopedic Doctors Houston TX

Find Relief with Orthopedic Doctors Houston TX from Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America

  • Minimally Invasive Procedures
  • Performed on an Outpatient Basis
  • Minimal Anesthesia and Recovery Time
  • Corrects the Source of Your Back Pain Effectively

Need an Orthopedic Doctor in Houston, TX? Call Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America

It can be frustrating to deal with back pain on a regular basis. Because it impacts so much of your daily life, you are likely going to try to find different ways to obtain relief. Taking painkillers on a regular basis can be dangerous to your health, and your chiropractor can only do so much. If you need serious relief from chronic back pain, the orthopedic doctors Houston TX, of Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America, can help you find the relief that you need.


Orthopedic Doctors Houston TX experts available at BackSurgeryHouston.comThe great part of working with orthopedic doctors Houston TX is that you are going to be having spine surgery Houston that is not as invasive as other methods. Traditional Houston spinal care dictates that a spine surgery will involve a hospital stay, expensive anesthesia and the cutting of back tissue and muscle to repair the discs.

But when you work with the orthopedic doctors Houston TX of Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America, you give yourself the opportunity to experience minimally invasive spine surgery instead, which allows you to have your operation done on an outpatient basis with minimum anesthesia.

With this type of surgery, you also will not have to suffer with the torn or severed back muscle tissue that comes with traditional surgery options. Because of this, your recovery time will be much shorter. The best part about this option is that it is no less effective than the traditional spinal surgery, and it actually can be more effective due to the precision of the laser that is involved.

Our doctors are only interested in working on the source of your problem, so we operate trying to avoid causing much further damage to the back. By keeping your back intact throughout the surgery, you will not have to deal with so many side effects of having the operation performed.

With Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America, you can find experienced and professional orthopedic doctors Houston TX that will give you every benefit that you need when looking for the least invasive back surgery option. Contact us today for answers to your questions regarding these procedures.

Find The Leading Orthopedic Doctors In Houston TX At Surgery Specialty Hospitals Of America

[Posted on April 30]

Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America is proud that we have some of the most prominent orthopedic doctors in Houston TX on staff. We have over 30 years of experience in all aspects of orthopedic surgery. We started Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America with the vision of building a medical practice that treats every patient with dignity and the utmost quality care. That is what we have accomplished. There is no reason for you to continually suffer from back pain, neck pain, or herniated discs when you have Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America at your disposal.

For Houston spinal care, Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America employs the most advance and up to date medical techniques in our modern state of the art surgical facility. We use minimally invasive spine surgery that has the very real benefits of a much smaller incision, less damage to adjacent muscles and soft tissues, less blood loss, less scar tissue, less pain, less need for medication, a shorter hospital stay (if at all because most cases can be done on an outpatient basis), faster recovery, and less costs to you and your insurance carrier. You will be back to a productive life in a much quicker time.

Minimally invasive spine surgery and the leading orthopedic doctors in Houston TX are not the only reason we have developed such a good reputation in Houston and the surrounding areas. Our commitment to patient care and our patient satisfaction surpass national levels. We are thoroughly committed to providing unrivalled care from diagnosis, through treatment, right through recovery. We are not just interested in treating the symptoms of chronic lower back pain. We search for the underlying root cause of the disorder and treat it for complete recovery.

If you require the services of the leading orthopedic doctors in Houston TX then contact Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America today. Our focus is on patient care and relieving chronic lower back pain and other spinal disorders. For additional information about our doctor and staff, and the treatments we offer please browse through our web site. Call us and begin the road to banishing back pain in your life!

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