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Orthopedic Houston

Avoid Invasive Back Surgery with Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America

  • Heals Chronic Back Pain
  • Direct Surgery on Pain Sources
  • Reduce use Painkillers
  • Resume Your Normal Life Again

Find an Orthopedic Houston from Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America

Are you a victim of chronic back pain? You may want to have it checked to make sure you do not need surgery. Are you prone to avoiding the doctor because you do not want to go through the surgery? You might – many people avoid talking to a doctor about back pain because they fear the back surgery. A traditional back surgery involves painful recovery, as well as embarrassing scars. If you are looking for an option that you do not need to be afraid of, call an orthopedic Houston from Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America.



Looking for the best orthopedic, Houston?With Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America, you are able to have your back problem corrected quickly and efficiently – and you can go home the same day as the operation. It is performed on an outpatient basis, so that you do not need to lay in a hospital bed for days at a time. Our spine team Texas will insert a thin tube into your back and use that to have access to the discs in your spine. This method is designed to protect the body from cutting and tearing back muscle tissue. When that happens, recovery time goes through the roof. This is why so many people avoid back surgeries. However, with an orthopedic Houston, you can protect your back and avoid the pain of recovery. If you have any questions about what Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America can do for you, feel free to give us a call at anytime.

If you find yourself masking back pain with various painkillers, make an appointment to see someone at Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America. With a professional and friendly staff, you will be as comfortable as possible while your back is put on the road to healing. Instead of dealing with painful cutting and tearing of back muscle, give yourself the opportunity to heal properly and quickly, so you can resume your normal life once again. Contact Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America today, and see first-hand what we can do for you and anyone else who might be suffering from back pain.




Orthopedic In Houston Can Free You From Lower Back Pain

[Posted on March 8]

Back pain is no laughing matter. Any spinal disorder is at best, uncomfortable and at worst, debilitating. Just ask anyone who suffers from chronic lower back pain. It invades very aspect of your life.

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Find out more about Spine Surgery Houston by contacting us today!

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Featured Article:

Put An End To Your Back Pain With An Orthopedic Houston Surgeon

[Posted on April 23]

Anyone who has ever suffered an injury to his or her spine can tell you just what a painful experience that can be. The pain is protracted and only worsens over time. And anyone who has ever experienced minimally invasive surgery at the hands of a gifted and talented surgeon can tell you that an Orthopedic Houston surgeon is very likely the answer to your problem and can put an end to your suffering. The pain is literally gone over night and you are back in the full swing of your normal routine very quickly. Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America surgeons are highly qualified and are devoted to providing the best patient care. Our staff will help you through every aspect of treatment from diagnosis, through the outpatient surgery, right through recovery.

Houston spinal care is being led by Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America. We have an excellent reputation earned through providing patient focused care above all else. We do not want anyone to suffer needlessly with back pain. We employ the most advanced surgical procedures in our state of the art medical facility for every surgery we perform. There is minimal scarring involved because the incision is small. Recovery time is very fast, especially when compared to conventional back surgery where the surgeon uses a scalpel to cut through muscle and tissue and convalescence is prolonged and typically requires a lengthy hospital stay.

At Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America the quality of our patient care is matched only by the skill of our orthopedic doctors. Houston TX has no shortage of highly skilled orthopedic Houston doctors and we are proud to say that some of the best surgeons in the field are on our staff.

If you want to put an end to your lower chronic back pain you need to consult with a skilled orthopedic Houston surgeon. Call Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America and we will gladly schedule an appointment for an initial consultation. Providing excellent patient care is our specialty. For more information about us, and the treatments we offer, please browse through our web site.

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