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Orthopedic Houston TX

Visit an Orthopedic Houston TX Expert at Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America

  • Minimally Invasive Procedures
  • Experienced Team of Experts
  • Correct the Source, Not the Symptoms
  • Shorter Recovery Time

Are You Suffering From Back Pain? Have Orthopedic Houston TX Treatment from Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America

It can be incredibly frustrating to deal with chronic back pain. Even if you do not do any heavy lifting, you still could be at risk for lower back damage. Sitting at a desk all day, or regularly using improper posture can put unnecessary stress on your back, resulting in pain that will seemingly never go away. Fortunately, you do have options. You can visit an expert in orthopedic Houston TX treatment at Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America. Our team is well-versed in the structure of the back and spine, and we can offer orthopedic Houston TX treatments that will provide the relief you have been longing for.



Orthopedic Houston TX experts available at BackSurgeryHouston.comHowever, if you are intimidated by the idea of back surgery, you may be reluctant to call us. But Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America specializes in Houston spinal care that is not as invasive or drastic. The basis for our orthopedic Houston TX treatments are to correct the source of your problem without having to cut or tear into muscle tissue. When that happens, you are stuck with long and often painful recovery times. We want to repair your back without subjecting you to such pain and inconvenience. Our spine surgery Houston options are minimally invasive, providing you with surgical procedures that do not need excess incisions and other painful options. Our spine team Texas works hard to locate the exact location of your spine and back pain, and then we work to correct it using orthopedic Houston TX procedures that do not involve a lot of cutting and tearing. Instead, we can insert a small tube into your back, pushing muscle tissue out of the way, and work through that tube to repair your back. The result is the corrected discs that you have needed with a much shorter recovery time.

If you suffer from back pain and need an orthopedic Houston TX expert, contact Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America. Our professionals would be happy to answer any questions you might have about your back pain, and we can help you find the relief that you have been looking for.


An Orthopedic Houston TX Surgeon Can Relieve Your Back Pain

[Posted on June 25]

Chronic lower back pain can be a very disruptive influence in your day to day activities and routines. A surgeon who is an Orthopedic in Houston TX can be of great service to you if you find yourself in the position of suffering with a lower back pain ailment. At Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America we understand what you are going through. Our surgeon and staff have the practical knowledge and experience to treat your disorder in a safe and effective manner. We can identify the exact cause of your problem and then recommend treatment to manage or eliminate it altogether.

Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America practices Advanced orthopedics in Houston. We use minimally invasive orthopedic in Houston TX surgical treatments for herniated discs and other spinal disorders. These particular types of treatments call for a minimum incision, resulting in limited scarring and minimal loss of blood. One more advantage is the fact that the recuperation length is reduced to a great extent, especially when measured against traditional spine surgery. This surgical procedure is completed on an outpatient basis, substantially diminishing expenses in comparison with a prolonged convalescence in a hospital.

Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America has been dispensing Houston spinal care for quite some time now. Our principal medical professional has over thirty years of knowledge and experience in all areas of orthopedic surgery. We will be able to assist you with your back problems if you will allow us the opportunity. We have earned credibility for our commitment to quality in offering treatment solutions and our patient satisfaction consistently surpasses nationwide, state, and local values. We focus on being forthcoming with our patients regarding treatment methods and healing, and we are prepared to respond to any kind of concern that you or your loved ones might well have. The better advised you are the easier it will be to make determinations in relation to your treatment alternatives.

If you need the expertise of a medical professional whose area of concentration is orthopedic Houston TX then make contact with Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America at your earliest convenience. We can easily render assistance for your persistent back and spine problems so feel free to schedule a consultation with our surgeon. If you wish to obtain further details with regard to our types of treatments as well as our organization we highly recommend that you browse through our web site.


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