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Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Texas

Call Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America for an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Texas

  • Treat the Source, Not the Symptoms
  • Fast and Safe Back Treatments
  • Performed on an Outpatient Basis
  • Avoid Ugly Scarring

What Makes an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Texas from Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America Different?

It can be a nightmare to deal with chronic back pain. One of the biggest problems you may be dealing with is finding a professional expert on back pain that can properly treat you. Everyone seems to have an educated opinion on back pain, and yet there are so many different approaches to dealing with it. An orthopedic spine surgeon Texas trained in endoscopic surgery will have a different opinion than a surgeon using the traditional open surgical approaches. An orthopedic spine surgeon Texas offers some key advantages over your other options such as yoga and chiropractic treatment as well. This makes the professionals at Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America your best choice.



Looking for the best orthopedic spine surgeon texas?First, some may want to treat your back pain with back strengthening exercises. After all, back surgery can be painful, and if it can be avoided, it should. If you have minor back issues, then you can certainly take up a yoga program or some other exercise regimen to strengthen your back. However, this only really works for minor back pain.

An orthopedic spine surgeon Texas will address more chronic, serious pain – usually pain caused by physical damage to your back.

If you visit a chiropractor, or you find the wrong back surgeon, then you could be subjected to invasive surgeries that leave scars all over your back while forcing you into a long recovery period. With an orthopedic spine surgeon Texas from Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America, you can avoid this painful procedure.

Our spine team Texas works hard to offer surgical options that are minimally invasive, so that you can have the surgery you need without dealing with ugly scars and painful recovery periods. Still other doctors will prescribe medications, hoping to help you manage the symptoms of the back pain. But we at Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America prefer to address to source of the problem, rather than the symptoms: the bulged disc, the herniated disc and other back issues.

By focusing on the source of the problem using a less invasive approacah , an orthopedic spine surgeon Texas will help you correct your back quickly and safely. Houston spinal care depends on the proper treatment of your back pain, and by using Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America for your spine surgery Houston, you give yourself the best chance of long-lasting back comfort.


An Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Texas Can Provide Welcome Relief

[Posted on January 16]

People who suffer from chronic back pain have a difficult time with the most routine of day-to-day tasks. Tasks that people who are free of pain take for granted. Back pain sufferers want relief and usually try a variety of methods to find some remedy on their own. Unfortunately that rarely works, and some non-medical methods can even aggravate the condition. However, the idea of going to a doctor for treatment is unappealing because the thought of painful back surgery and the attendant recovery time can be overwhelming and too much to consider. There is hope. An orthopedic spine surgeon in Texas can provide treatment options that do not require invasive surgeries involving weeks of recovery time, and leaving unsightly scars.

At Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America we have highly trained surgeons who specialize in treating the source of the difficulty, not just the symptoms. We offer fast and safe treatments, performed on an outpatient basis. We have perhaps the best spine team in Texas to take care of your needs and we can provide relief. Our procedures are minimally invasive, with minimal bleeding, and negligible scarring. Since most surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, the recovery time and cost is considerably less than with typical back surgery performed in a hospital.

Our highly skilled surgeons perform spine surgery in Houston utilizing the most sophisticated techniques and surgical equipment. We focus on approaching the problem with less invasive methods because we understand that it is hard for an individual to be out of work for any length of time and the thought of a surgery involving scalpels and hospital stays may keep a patient from seeking treatment. If you require an orthopedic spine surgeon in Texas, Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America will provide fast and effective solutions. There is just no need to suffer endlessly when you can receive effective treatment and be back on your feet, free of pain, in a short time.

If you have a need for an orthopedic spine surgeon in Texas or require any of our other services please call or email us. We will be happy to answer your questions or provide any additional information you may need to help you make an informed decision about treatment. We offer a wide variety of diagnostic and treatment options for back pain and spinal disorders. Our objective is to alleviate back pain quickly and safely.


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