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Orthopedics in Houston

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Correct Back Pain with Orthopedics in Houston at Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America

Back pain can be caused by a number of problems: you might lift something the wrong way, or you wear down your back with improper posture at your desk. Whatever the reason, you are going to need professional help to restore your comfort level. Without good orthopedics in Houston, you leave yourself with no choice but to deal with bad back pain that may never correct itself. Instead of dealing with back pain and a variety of painkillers, and without resorting to a lifetime of limited activity, you can correct the source of the pain by calling Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America.



Looking for the best Orthopedics in Houston?With Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America, you can find orthopedics in Houston that are experienced in back pain and spinal issues. When you visit our Texas Spine and Joint Hospital, you can find whether you have a bulged or herniated disc, or if you have any other back problems that might be causing this pain. Once this is determined, then a course of action can be taken. One of the best reasons to visit Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America is that our team focuses on minimally invasive spine surgery. When you are dealing with chronic back pain, the last thing you need is a procedure that will make it feel worse for a long period of time. Our spine team in Texas has a variety of minimally invasive options for you, depending on the type of back problem you are dealing with. For many, laser spine surgery or other procedures can be done by making only one small incision, and the muscle tissue in your back will stay intact.

In the end, you need orthopedics in Houston to fix your back. The goal of any back treatment should be to correct the source of the problem, and not just help you manage the symptoms. With Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America, you will get to the root of your back pain and fix it, so that you can continue your life free of back pain and discomfort that has affected you so much. Call Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America today.




Featured Article:

Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America Specializes In Orthopedics In Houston

[Posted on June 11]

If you are having issues with chronic lower back pain and you need a physician that specializes in orthopedics in Houston then Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America can be of great service to you. We have a state of the art surgical facility where we use the most advanced medical techniques to treat spinal and other back disorders. Our primary concern is patient care and we are committed to helping our patients achieve freedom from chronic back pain. Chronic lower back pain is very treatable so there is no need to go through life hampered by debilitating pain.

Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America has been providing Houston spinal care for many years. Our primary surgeon has over thirty years of experience in every aspect of orthopedic surgery. Our patient satisfaction is higher than national, state, and local levels. We have a reputation for our commitment to excellence in providing medical care. We can help you with your back pain if you will give us a chance. We believe in being communicative with our patients about treatment and recovery and we are willing to answer any question that you or your family may have. The better informed you are the better informed decisions you will make about your treatment options.

Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America is a Texas Orthopedics Surgery Center and our primary doctor specializes in orthopedics in Houston. We use minimally invasive surgical procedures for the treatment of herniated discs and other spinal disorders. These procedures require minimal incisions, which results in minimal scarring and minimal loss of blood. An added benefit is that recovery time is greatly reduced compared to conventional back surgery. This surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, greatly reducing costs when compared to a lengthy convalescence in a hospital.

If you need the services of a surgeon who specializes in orthopedics in Houston then get in touch with Surgery Specialty Hospitals of America at your earliest convenience. We can provide relief for your chronic lower back pain so feel free to schedule an appointment with our surgeon. If you would like more information about our procedures and our staff please browse through our web site.

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